Rob Sawyer’s Don’t Wait On Me Single

Rob Sawyer is another one of those young Melbourne blues and roots artists who has developed a large following. Playing his own headlining shows and supporting the likes of Donovan Frankenreiter and Ash Grunwald, and playing to huge crowds as festivals such as Falls, Sawyer is making a name for himself as an outstanding guitarist and songwriter.If “The EP” gave us Rob Sawyer’s fast, manic side, then “Don’t Wait On Me” shows us a softer, more contemplative side of this impressive young singer-songwriter. The improvement in his songwriting has already become obvious, and the production on this recording is a step up as well.

The track “Don’t Wait On Me” is a fantastic roots song in which Sawyer shows how far he has come, and how far he could go. “Don’t Wait On Me” proves that Rob is much more than a guitarist. He has really learnt how to craft a song. This reggae-influenced number is a great example of Sawyer’s obvious talent.

“Satisfied Precence” is an interesting song. Sawyer’s guitar moves seamlessly from the slower strum of chords to furious finger picking without missing a beat. Rob’s vocals are particularly strong on this track. “Connected” is another one of Rob’s best songs, and one that people will remember hearing at his live shows. Once again the guitar work is impressive, but on this occasion it is the vocals that prove to be the songs highlight. “Smile” is simply a great song, a laidback track with some great harmonica. A song that will make you, well, smile, and forget all your troubles.

“Don’t Wait On Me” is Rob Sawyer’s best work so far. He has learnt to write and craft a song, rather than just relying on his skills as a guitarist. An artist with infinite potential, this one will definitely keep growing on you.