Rob Sawyer’s Debut EP

Rob Sawyer is another one of those young Melbourne blues and roots artists who has developed a large following. Playing his own headlining shows and supporting the likes of Donovan Frankenreiter and Ash Grunwald, and playing to huge crowds as festivals such as Falls, Sawyer is making a name for himself as an outstanding guitarist and songwriter.This recording, simply titled “The EP”, showcases both of these traits. Opening track “The Masses” is Sawyer at his best, combining his guitar work with his infectious harmonica playing, Rob delivers one of his best songs. A track guaranteed to have feet stomping and heads nodding, “The Masses” will stick in your head for days and make you want to hear more.

“Know It All” and “I’m Wrong” are fast paced uptempo tracks in which Sawyer shows off his amazing skills as a guitarist. “Friend” is more of a folky ballad, where Rob shows he can handle the slower stuff as well. “Who Am I” is a thumping track where he really lets loose, letting his guitar do the talking.

“The EP” is a fine effort, worth hearing just for Rob Sawyer’s freakish talent as a musician. Not letting up from beginning to end, “The EP” is a fast paced record full of songs that will stay with you for days.