Lawrence Greenwood’s Debut EP

Melbourne musician Lawrence Greenwood has won over many fans with his brand of honest, passionate rootsy folk accompanied by his distinctive and amazing voice. The 4 tracks on “The Circles EP” showcase all this as well as his obvious talent as a songwriter.Opening track “Miss Jones” is a haunting song in which Greenwoods powerful voice is at its best. Combine his voice with Emma Heeny’s smooth backing vocals and you have some of the EP’s best moments. The violin also adds to the mournful tone of the song, and at times is reminiscent of the sound Paul Kelly is creating with The Stormwater Boys.

“Run” is a ballad about going away, and at times sounds like a more pure Pete Murray at his best, but without the stigma of being ‘commercial’. “Circles” sees Greenwood more subdued, again combining with Heeny to deliver some great moments. The saxophone of Joel Plymin turns this simple song into possibly the standout track.

Closing “The Circles EP” with “Its All Been Done Before” Greenwood, leaves a haunting impression. It’s a soulful lament that brings to mind dark forests and the sun peeking through clouds both at the same time. It’s the ability to invoke these feelings that means Lawrence Greenwood is definitely an artist to keep an eye on, whatever direction his musical career may take.