Dallas Frascas debut EP

After being involved with music for more than 10 years, with a background of roots and blues, Dallas also dabbled in soul, metal and funk… and it all shows in this debut EP.On recieving the EP, initially it looked to be like any other CD, nothing too special, although I had heard a sample track, and thought it was great, but I expected that to be the best track, and the others to just be fillers.

Man, was I wrong!

As soon as the sound started blaring from the speakers, I stopped working, and listened to the entire EP, from end to end, and not once did I stop tapping.

The entire album is a strong, and ballsy, roots sound, only aided by her gutsy voice. Comparing a lot with some songs by Ash Grunwald, whether you like it or not, your feet will start to move.

All songs on the EP are written and composed by Dallas herself, showing just how much of a talent she really is. I have not one bad thing to say about this debut EP, and hope that the full album is nto too far behind if it’s of the same standard.

Chris Duell - Founder / Developer at LoudNLocal, currently working at VentureCraft