Carra debut EP Travelling Solo

The Sydney musician quickly developing a strong presence in the Austrailan independant music scene released his debut EP Travelling Solo recently to the delight of his fast growing fan base.The album starts off with a beautifully finger picked track with a solid percussion backbone, occasionally stepping out to a more upbeat feel.

As the EP goes on, the tracks only get better, much like a live gig, it seems as though Carra gets more and more comfortable with the situation, and makes the most of it.
Beautiful Tide is one of those songs that you can see as the theme song for something, it has a great solo feel to it, and gives the image of a peaceful secluded beach with only Carra and his guitar sitting on the shore.
I Can Be The One is the song that leans most toward a rock sort of track, but in its more lay back moments almost has an Ali Baba and his 40 theives feel to it. Nevertheless, when it picks up, it is a captivating track, with the pace slowing down, and picking up at just the right moments, until finally breaking out in all out rock.

Finally the EP finishes off with the track resembling the EP title, The Travel Song, it is in my opinion the anchor track for the EP.
Firstly, the name of the track itself captures Carras journey further into the music world, as a solo independant artist.
But more importantly, this track is vocally, Carras strongest track, and also features the help of friends Xanthi Zarella and Sarah Hardwick to best create an emotional track that will stick with him and his fans for some time to come

Chris Duell - Founder / Developer at LoudNLocal, currently working at VentureCraft