Tristan Prettyman’s Debut Album

One look at the front cover of Tristan Prettyman’s debut album “Twentythree” immediately invokes thoughts of Missy Higgins, The Waifs’ Simpson sisters and other such female singer-songwriters. And Prettyman sits quite comfortably among such company.However Prettyman’s sound is different to that of Higgins and her contemporaries. She has a very pleasant and enjoyable guitar driven rootsy-pop sound, a bit like what Missy would sound like if she had listened to too much Jack Johnson.

The opening track “Love Love Love” is an upbeat song guaranteed to brighten any day, so you have a smile on your face straight from the beginning. This vibe continues throughout the album. While the rest of the tracks may not be as bright as “Love Love Love” there are many highlights. “Shy That Way”, Prettyman’s collaboration with Jason Mraz is one such highlight. Their voices sound great together as they describe an embarrassed and hesitant pursuit of one another.

The mournful “Song For The Rich” is the standout track of the album. A somber tale of pain and hurt. It is also the song with the strongest writing, with lyrics such as “What’s wrong a little bit of experimentation/ To open the eyes of the new generation/ We’ll build up your world on an empty foundation/ and watch it all blow away”.

The rest of the album is quite strong, showcasing Prettyman’s ability to go from the slower darker tracks to uptempo numbers that will lift anyone’s spirits. From a roots sound to a country twang on some tracks, Prettyman has shown a diversity that she should further explore on upcoming albums.

All in all, a good album, nothing that will have Grammy nominations pouring in, but “Twentythree” is an honest, heartwarming album full of great moments and chockers with potential. Highly recommended. Tristan Prettyman is definitely one to look out for.