Custom Kings album

It’s hard to describe the sound of Melbourne band Custom Kings. Acoustic folk one minute, jazz tinged reggae the next. Their 7 track mini album “Where Do They Go?” showcases the band’s various musical styles and songwriting strength.Tracks such as the opener “Carried Away” and “Rose Pickles” are haunting tracks which display the Custom Kings folk influences and bring to mind artists such as Nick Drake. “Rose Pickles” in particular is a stand out.

“Spin My Thread” is an funky hip-hop flavoured number, a lot like what you would expect from bands like G. Love and Special Sauce or Beautiful Girls tracks such as “So It Seems”.

The title track is another hip-hop inspired song, displaying jazz and world influences. Elsewhere, the record delves into reggae stylings and again into the familiar folk territory.

The Custom Kings strength lies in their quality musicianship and their ability to fuse together many different musical styles. A very strong EP, “Where Do They Go?” will have toes tapping, people dancing and would be a welcome addition to any collection.