Superheist release GOTSD-Album review


13 years it’s been, 13 years we have waited
The energetic Ezekiel Ox and Benny Clark join D.W Norton and Drew Dedman to give us A newly reformed Superheist and album Ghosts Of The Social Dead.
10 tracks of bullshit heavy guitar, thumping bass and drums that are quick and so heavy you will need ear plugs, throw in some amazing haunting and melodic keys from D.W, and the biggest vocal range by the man who doesn’t like to wear a shirt Ezekiel ox, Bring these four lads together and we have SUPERHEIST.

Recording GOTSD seen the lads head to hills of L.A
To record with Jay Baumgardner (Linkin Park, Papa Roach John Fogerty), at NRG studios, over two weeks there and we were gifted with this album.

1- Wolves in your headspace,
What an opening track, call me nostalgic or old but hearing DW guitar fading in and out then Drew’s crazy bass come in, had me pumped before we hear Benny’s infectious drums kick in and then the lyrical genius of Ezekiel ox joins, and gives us wolves.
WOLVES is a great way for the heist to come back, it’s slow in parts but has that energetic heaviness that we know and respect of the older heist records.

2-Back to base
DW”s Haunting keys start this tune, followed by a big drop of heavy guitars and big drums again, Zeke’s vocals Kick in and are really quick, but so honest, Ox is a real story teller, this track goes up and down with some amazing guitar and drums that build and slow and then build again with Zekes vocals going above and beyond, so many changes in guitar in this track, Made for a live spectacular this one.

3- Fearing Nothing-Lucky enough to have had a few weeks to listen to this, I think this song set the album up as to showcase what we knew Zeke’s vocals would bring to the band, it starts out slow, almost a bit of spoken word and then that ridiculously wicked harmony kicks in as the tempo builds, it sounds as if Ezekiel ox is talking to someone in this track, this track takes us on a Lil Heist journey as we hear ox say ‘ it’s a shame you’re outta backs to scratch, but you keep attacking me… and you want more’ you want more’ fear of nothing
Ezekiel ox has so much to say on this album, he brings so much to the band with his amazing ability on the mic.

4- Running away
Heavy guitar intro and Zeke rapping straight up set this track up before the chorus kicks in “running away, so why are you running away”
Drew and benny seem to be so in sync like they have been playing in the same band for ever!
This track builds to big chorus versus and ends up with some amazing guitar work in the last 30 seconds… (I’m keen to see this track live to see DW and Keeagh shredding)

5- Flick the switch
Once u flick the switch u can’t turn this off!!!! BOOM…
Ox’s vocals are huge as are the guitar in the intro of this track… but wait for Drew and Benny to kick in together and the track just get better. Benny sounds like he has four feet in parts, it sounds like the bass drum is about to explode… this track will be a live show special to see Drew and Benny combining for some wicked sounds
And then as you think the song finishes it builds again with the band doing backing vocals.

6-The Deepend
A bit of a sad intro to this one, but wait for about 20seconds and boom!!! Bass rips in and Zeke starts with very quick lyrics, A few swear words too which is always good, a very infectious chorus in the deepend as ox says” can we deepend on you”. Yes we will
Deepend on you” will be a crowd favourite at live shows with heavy guitars and drums and lyrics that can be sung along too and some that you will just want to bang your head along too.

7- This truth
Wow… Acoustic change!!!
Some will say wtf?? I say Thanx lads
This might be the slower song and some even may call it a slow/heavy ballad (if that’s such a thing), it is the shit… Ezekiel Ox voice is hectic good (man crushing- ha ha) and the slower drums and guitars combined with that piano!!
I think this track showcases why D.W chased Zeke to be in the band. Zekes voice can go from a subtle spoken Word voice to a big rahhhh and then drop back to harmonies and quickly go into a rap!!!!! And there’s a little Jimmy Barnes/LLeyton Hewitt “Cmon” in there
This track shows that the heist lads aren’t just about cranking the amps to 20/10 all the time.

8-Hang your head
DW and Drew at their best in this intro….
Super tight and heavy with Zekes super quick flow…
The track slows halfway through and builds as benny takes no prisoners on that poor drum kit again,
Yeah I said it, Dnt forget it!!!

9- Lets get out of here
Acoustic Little intro with piano and slow words from Zeke leads us into a big boom of guitar and stupidly heavy drums from Benny again,
The rhythm that Benny Clarke brings to this song complements Drew on bass and Zeke spitting out it’s been a whole lot of fun, But now it’s time to go, let’s get out of here. Was this the last track recorded in L.A.

10— Sweat/swing
The mosh pit song….
Get ready to sweat Fukkrs!!!!! Need we say more??
Ok I will, sweat/swing sweat/swing,
This track is that big at the start its ridiculous, guitar that fades from left to right with Zeke whispering Sweat/Swing and then ba ba boom from Benny !!! Ox launches into some vicious rhymes that lead into his amazing chorus flow, this track is huge but so soft in parts, Ox’s voice complements the heavy guitar and drums with piano again.

I can’t write too much about this track besides get ready to SWEAT!!!!!!

The deluxe edition of the album has 5 more tracks, review of them to follow soon

All in all I think this new Superheist album is a big 10/10, It gives so much and shows how hard the band has worked to achieve this album that we have finally got after 13 long years man.
The Heist is back, Check Them out on their tour that is happening at the moment. (details below)
Bring ya dancing shoes and drinking Arm, and visit the Merch stand


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