Superheist- Fear No One

superheist_logo_2016heist 2After the release of hands up high and a few weeks in the hills Of Hollywood recording the new album at NRG studios with Jay Baumgardner (Evanescence, Bush, Papa Roach) the lads return with the lead single to Ghosts of the social dead-Fear of nothing… a bit of a slower intro and a lil bit of spoken Word almost from new lead man Ezekiel ox which leads to a big chorus intro of “are u so hardcore” builds up and slows and builds again, the guitar and drums again are so brutal in parts And so subtle in others….. it’s different to hands up High but is in no way a second place to the previous released track. It’s been a busy month since hands up high was released with the lads travelling to L.A to record ghosts of the social dead, if you follow them on social media you would have seen some bloody funny shenanigans and some serious get to fukkn work action in the studio… benny beating the shit outta drums.. drew losing a beer skulling challenge to new touring guitarist keir Gotcher (sorry drew.Had to add this), the ox showing he still hates shirts and DW Throwing down huge riffs and getting frustrated at messing up a few times…

The social Media buzz Superheist have created after the 13 year hiatus is huge and just this Friday gone(14th October ) the lads said via there Facebook page “hey happy Friday” ” here’s a new track” in slaves which will be a bonus track with hands up high on GOTSD,
Holy shit this track is huge, as with hands up high it was recorded in Melbourne at black pearl studio, it starts out big with benny beating the shit outta his new shiny pearl kit, with Drew and DW heavy as ever, and Ezekial ox’s crazy voice, this track is that good but will be a b side or bonus track on GOTSD.

So what is to expect from the Heist with GOTSD imminent release on the 28th October with 3 tracks released but 2 will be b sides we can expect loud thimgs to come, a big  album is coming says the the band as they prepare to tour the beast that will be Ghosts of the social dead, tour dates are as follows at wild thing

In all of this madness the heist have created with this amazing new album they have released via
a super limited vinyl/cd release of GOTSD with heaps of bonus tracks, a super deluxe cd with bonus tracks and the standard edition cd. Online services will also
Be available for download as of the 28th October..
get it. Get yr speakers ready. Warn the neighbours to be blown away by some loud ass Aussie tunes!!!

October 28th cant come quick enough fro Heist fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!