Superheist, Factory Theatre, Sydney

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Its a Balmy Sydney Night at the factory theatre in the downstairs bar of this very eclectic venue, Its only early when we wander up stairs to see the first band for the night.

Horrorwood mannequins were very energetic to start the night.. they rip through about 7-8 songs.. they have got the crowd very pumped to start the show… a very unique outfit, some great originals and then throw in a cover of negative creep that is just a ball tearer, a special
Guest joins them
On stage for their last track. The ox jumps up for a guest stint on vocals…

Secession are up second and start out heavy as we expect from one of Australia’s best metal outfits of the past 20 years, the Wollongong lads are tearing the factory theatre apart so quickly, this is a seasoned band, so tight together on stage. There 50 minute set seems to end too soon.. the crowd clearly want more, Chris gives a big shout out to his band and the crowd as it wrapped up, Segression are true crowd pleaders and ear bleeders!!! It clearly Shows that rocking out for 20 plus years can still gain you new fans, (Me I’ve been a fan for years ), and we all would have liked to see one or two more…

Earth caller are up before the HEIST….
Wow, Earth caller hit the stage with so much energy, with there singer spitting quick rhymes and heavy vocals at the same time it seems, a very tight 4 piece back him up with some bullshit heavy bass and drums combined with two guitars that Almost sound like there is 4 guitarists on stage at times,
Some big f’ u to the law songs by the lads as the lead singer bounces around stage as do the lads on guitar, such an energetic set from the Melbourne lads, Earth caller are a band to be recognized and not messed with, the power they produce in stage is endless.. A band to definatley check out…

It’s time for the HEIST NOW!!!!! Yewww
Setting up the lads look serious, Drew is limping around on stage(due to an ankle injury), but sound checking as loud as the 747s that were flying over too earlier, Bennys drum’s are getting set up with 354 go pros By Fearing Nothing Video producer Brian Cox on his super shiny pearl kit, Rtchie is fighting the fog machine to see his if his wireless shit is plugged in . DW is MIA

The crowd is swelling and getting louder! A lad yells out “cmon c!$ts, get this shit going”
I’m excited, I can’t lie…
soon the light go dark and a weird blue light shines as the lads appear on stage.
Andy (on Keys) Kicks in the intro to fightback and it’s in!! Ba ba BOOM!! As DW, Drew and Ritchie rip into the fightback and Zeke spits you gotta fight back take control.. the song gets the crowd going and the lads don’t stop as they flow straight into bullet, the crowd is going nuts at this stage.. bullet makes the crowd sway and get loose and sing as it stops Zeke thanks the crowd for the love.. as they bust into hands up high the crowd sing along to the chorus with Drew and DW.
The ridiculously big Back to base follows and the crowd goes nuts, BTB is clearly a crowd fave from the GOTSD, it’s infectious rhymes and big chorus are big with the fans.

Running away sees Zeke jump into the crowd and sing from atop a bar table, the crowd swell around him and sing along, as the lads busy out the big crowd favourite Crank the system, which is received To a thunderous roar, the Crowd feed off the energy that heist lads throw out, Drew is beaming with smiles but may be a painful smile as he has a busted ankle!!

Zeke speaks to the crowd after this and says I’ve been listening to this band for ever, I’ve been singing this track since ’98’, I knew one day I could sing with this band, as an oldie but a bloody goody Have your way busts out. Zeke and the boys absolutely smash this track, it’s flawless and the sound is amazing as the song nears the end zeke
Changes the lyrics to ‘if everything could ever feel This good for ever’ a well
Known track from some alien liking American band… (A Lil Foo for the thought)

Time for a breather and chat before they break into the Deepend and the massive Sweat/Swing, two amazing tracks to see back to back live as Zeke once again jumps into the crowd and stands aloft the bar table, it’s good to see as the band looks out and are beaming with smiles as the show is going off and the fans are digging the new sound/songs and lineup.

Zeke turns back to the band and says oh shit I forgot the set list… DW says Liberate, just cranks it, RIIIIIISSSEEEEEEEEEEE
Holy shit this gets the crowd pumped as, this will turn out to be the only song from IRCR, and the crowd respond with a banging little mosh around Zeke on the table as the lads on stage thrash this one out…

This leads straight into the massive crowd faves of Step back and Check your head which back to back are just huge, the Factory theater is pulsating with heavy guitar, big bass drums and vocal.. after these two classic heist songs finish Zeke says ok, we need to talk, they need to finish filming the wolves in your headspace clip and it will b done right now, Audri From Horrorwood mannequins dons the wolf mask and is thrust into the pit and crowd Surfs for a
Minute or two as the lads rip this track apartt and Brian Who has flown out from LA to finish this shoot.. ( I don’t think security liked this bit, ha ha)

As the crowd settles after thing track Benny and Drew sit on the drum riser for a well earned rest, as Zeke grabs an acoustic guitar and starts strumming and busts into the amazing ballad This truth, it’s a crowd sing along, suck a good track and as it builds the lads join in and boom, the ballad goes a bit heavy and then drops
That’s a bit of love there with that Fucking ballad says Zeke,”.
As DW and Zeke say thanx for helping film the wolves clip to the crowd,
They get back to LA chat about the filming off the next song we are about to here “. Fearing nothing, sees Zeke Jump back into the crowd, Drew is Almst done on 1 leg onstage! The red coopers are helping him bang that bass.

This next one is for the haters!! Once you flick the switch, you can’t turn it OFF ,,,,
Bang!! Crowd goes nuts as do the lads on stage!!! Benny bangs his kit so hard i
Feel Sorry for it… DW, Drew and Ritchie get loud and loose, security is even banging there heads now also!! The heist sound is so huge…

Zeke says sorry but this is our last one for he might but we be Back for a big tour next year.. Taking it Back to 8 miles high days with the massive PULSE, that DW and Drew just beam
As they smash it out, zeke makes this track his own. The crowd don’t no what is going on as they have been going nuts for 60 minutes plus already, Pulse just sends them even crazier in the pit.
Pulse is pulsating in the crowd and on stage… sad as but it has to come to and end, the band give big thanx to the crowd, DW does the hand sharks, Zeke is straight in the Merch stand. Benny goes awol for a smoke, Drew is found at the little creatures lounge!! Ha ha

All in all this was a massive show and a big welcome back from a good sydney crowd, such a good variety of songs from all albums, the lads can only fit so many tracks in 70 minutes. with 3 amzing support acts aslo in Horrorwood Mannequins, Segression and Earth Caller.

Looking at DW and Drew during the set they were absolutely beaming with smiles as they are re introducing there baby Almst, throw in the kid at the back who beats the bloody shit outta his pearl kit and the most energetic and best front man in Aus since Michael
Hutchence in Ezekiel ox, You have Superheist, a force to be reckoned with, an arsenal of bullshit heavy tracks and a few slower ballads to soothe the ears.

There still a few shows to go on this tour and have been promised more shows to come… don’t miss it hey, the lads pull out all stops and give u a big show that you won’t forget

Superheist set list 4-11-16 Factory theater, Sydney
Fight back
Hands up High
Back to base
Running away
Crank Up the system
Have your way/everlong
Step back
Check yr head
Wolves in your Headspace
This truth
Fearing nothing
Flick the Switch


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