Superheist Are BACK!!!!!!!! Don’t call it a comeback

heist 1Superheist are back after a 13 year break, They return with D.W Norton and Drew Dedman still at the helm with a new Drummer Benny Clarke and have finally revealed yesterday after a long wait that the new frontman is Ezekial Ox of Mammal , Full scale and Over-Reactor.

Their lead single Hands up high Premiered Yesterday on Triple j and they revealed their new singer and film clip over at

Hands up high is a big teaser for what we can expect from the highly anticipated ” Ghosts of the social dead” album, it is a massive tune with heavy guitars (D.W Doesn’t disappoint)  bass that will blow ear drums and drums that are heavy, quick and super loud, throw in the amazing vocals of the OX and keys by DW also and  you have the cracking tune we have “Hands up High.


oh and the keys are played by DW also, they add so much to this track……………….. Check it out, October 28 the album is set for release……… Stay tuned for more, #heistriders

Tickets for the upcoming tour can be found at

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