Pretty Strangers are set to launch their Debut EP

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Pretty Strangers will be launching their EP during the first week of their August residency, supported by The Ocean Party and Oceans Between on Sunday, August 8th at the Evelyn Hotel.

$8 entry, cheap EPs on the night! They will also perform on the 15th, 22nd and 29th, with Left Feels Right, Thieves and The Routines.

The hazy, melancholic indie pop of Pretty Strangers mutated into its present form sometime around the start of 2009. Since then, the band has slowly and inexorably built its momentum, honing its live show and polishing the suite of six songs that comprise its eponymous debut EP. Along the way, Pretty Strangers have developed a strong word-of-mouth following through relentless gigging, playing both headline gigs and residencies, and through well-received support slots alongside the likes of The Good China and Big Scary. In a live scene that is increasingly characterised by genre-specific ghettos, and bands willing to repackage the contents of their record collections, Pretty Strangers possess an idiosyncratic blend of attributes that set them part.
Drawing on post-punk, guitar pop and indie music from the early 80s through to today, their influences manifest themselves not sonically or aesthetically, but in the idea of the song as a document, be it of an idea or a moment in time, to which the performer submits; theirs is an attempt to reach the listener through a propulsive beat, through an urgent, allusive turn of phrase, through directness, even if that directness regards ambivalence and ennui; even where it regards 18th century German literature. The fact that their chosen means of achieving this result is through chiming guitars and squalling noise, by turns reminiscent of The Church’s more sublime moments and Radiohead’s more abrasive ones, is immaterial. The central element is songcraft; a devotion to the language of chords and melody, and it is this devotion that sets them apart from their peers.