JJJ Hottest 100 Preview.

By Chris Mitchell.

Australia Day is fast approaching, and for thousands around the island that means only one thing, the return of Triple J’s Hottest 100.

The first countdown was held in 1989, when voting was not restricted to songs from that previous year and Joy Division topped the poll with Love Will Tear Us Apart. The poll in its current format first appeared in 1993, American actor and comedian Dennis Leary claimed number 1 with the iconic Asshole.

Since then, the Hottest 100 has proved so popular that the 26th of January has been declared ‘Australia Day’ in its honour, and a public holiday was announced to celebrate the countdown. Billions of people all around the world now vote, crowning winners such as Oasis, Spiderbait, Muse, Kings Of Leon, Powderfinger and The Offspring.

So, with an appreciation of the gravity of the occasion, let’s have a look at what to expect from Hottest 100 Day 2011.

Australian Music Will Do Quite Well, And This Success Will Be Wildly Celebrated.

Entertainment reporters around the country will revel in the number of Oz bands at the pointy end of the countdown, with Little Red’s Rock It and Angus & Julia Stone’s Big Jet Plane expected to battle it out for Number 1 with Cee-Lo Green’s Fuck You. Other locals poised for success and perhaps Top 10 slots include Washington with Sunday Best and Rich Kids, Sia with Clap Your Hands, John Butler Trio and their track Revolution, Boy And Bear’s cover of Fall At Your Feet and rockers Birds Of Tokyo with their crossover hit Plans.

Roughies include Tame Impala’s Solitude Is Bliss, Magic Fountain from Art Vs Science, Addicted by hip hoppers Bliss N Eso, and much spun J faves from the likes of Sparkadia, The Jezabels and Yolanda Be Cool.

Rest assured that Richard Wilkins and his entertainment reporting buddies will be all sorts of excited to see an Aussie at number 1, and they will bask in the glory of their wide-ranging coverage and support of Australian Music pushing a local band to the top. The Confidential section of the Herald Sun will run a large photo of Angus Stone and Isabel Lucas, and speculate on how Megan Washington celebrated her high placing at a trendy yet alternative nightspot, probably in Fitzroy.

Despite The Aussie Avalanche, An International Will Probably Still Win.

It’s going to be hard to dislodge internet sensation and commercial radio favourite Fuck You (or Forget You, as Nova listeners will tell you). Cee-Lo Green’s viral smash has enjoyed the mainstream success that previous number ones enjoyed, and has the all important novelty factor. And, it’s a damn catchy tune.

The only problem that may arise could be the confusion between the alternative versions of the songs, perhaps the Gnarls Barkley man could hold the top 2 spots with both versions.

Other overseas acts to look out for include The Wombats, the tragic Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, and funk master Mark Ronson.

The Winner Will NOT Be Leaked.

Embarrassment for the J’s last year when Mumford And Son’s Little Lion Man was accidently revealed as the winner before the countdown even began. Rest assured, this will not happen again. Richard Kingsmill probably has the winners name in an envelope already, and it is not leaving his jocks draw until sometime Australia Day evening.

The Winner Of The Golden Ticket May Just Be Too Intoxicated To Realise They Have Won.

They probably won’t even pick up the phone. 12 months of tears will follow.

Apple Stores Will Be Busy The Following Week.

Hottest 100 Days are usually just that, hot. Inflatable pools will be manually blown up all around the country, and in one of the great Australia Day traditions, fully clothed persons will end sitting right in the middle of them. Hundreds, if not thousands, of IPhones stand to be destroyed by water on the 26th.

There Will Be Surprises.

Perhaps somewhere in the 15-30 range will come a song that will have everyone shaking their heads and wondering who voted for a song that received next to no airplay during 2010.

People Will Get Drunk And Sunburnt.

You know as well as I do that both of these will probably happen to you.

So, you’ve done all this before. You know what to expect. Wild predictions, fierce arguments and intricate preparations will ensue for the next week. Following the countdown, the heated discussions will continue as to the worthiness of number 1, and the misfortune of those more deserving.

Whatever happens, I’m pinning my hopes on Rock It, and this year, I need to remember to pace myself.

Yeah right.

See you there.

  • http://subooa.com.au duellsy

    Nice predictions… I’m rooting for Boy & Bear – Fall at your feet

  • Rhett

    I agree – Fuck You might take it out – not that I voted for it…

    Adrian Luxx – teenage crime – might be a roughie as well?

  • Rhett

    And yes – I will be both burnt and drunk