Falls Festival gives music junkies another hit


Falls Festival has long been renowned for its stella lineups, crazy camp sites, insane weather, teen pregnancies and a blurry start to the new year.

Sitting in the car in the line out of Falls each year with a mind bending hangover and feeling like you and all your mates have just completed Lorne’s version of the Tour de France where all the water bottles have been replaced with straight spirits, 6 for $20 beers and red bull, you always hear the famous line of “That’s my last time… I’m not coming to falls again…..”. YET, every year we all seem to find ourselves back in Torquay stashing our booze in cars, buying doritto’s,  and heading to Falls.

The festival itself has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, the days of buying a ticket the day before for $70, setting up your camp as big as you want, taking as much booze into the stages as you and your mates can carry, and not seeing a fluro singlet or body builders without shirts on in every direction are long gone. However One thing has remained constant, the line up is ALWAYS killer.

This year Falls have taken a new approach to feleasing the lineup with a number of bands already announced.  Falls have now just added to this teaser of a lineup to get everyones Falls excitement cranking.

Newly release bands:

Dinosaur Jr front-man J Mascis, Crystal Castles, Papa Vs Pretty, Josh Pyke, The Wonderful World of DJ Yoda and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.


The complete released lineup thus far stands like this:

Arctic Monkeys
Arj Barker
Easy Star All Stars
Fleet Foxes
Tim Finn
The Jezabels
Crystal Castles
J Mascis
Josh Pyke
Papa vs Pretty
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Wonderful World of DJ Yoda

  • Anonymous

    haha – I rely on Pizza shapes for my greens for the three days of the festival. Pretty easy way to spend a killer new years though. No crappy house parties with random high school friends that almost always turn up. I’ll be desperately trying to get a ticket this year with the line-up they’ve announced so far. J Mascis! Yeeeooow!