Empire Of The Sun reunite for another album


Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele told NME that he and Empire bandmate Nick Littlemore have reunited and started working on a new album. The pair had not spoken to each other since 2010’s Brit Awards.

“Breaking news around the world, me and Nick have reunited and we’ve done about 10 demos for the next record so the new era has begun,” he told NME.

“We have such a weird relationship,” Steele continued, “because the day before we actually went into the studio was the first time we’d spoken since the Brit Awards last year. And it was great. The sessions went really well and we’re hoping to go into the studio again in September.”

Since Empire Of The Sun broke internationally with their debut album Walking On A Dream, Steele has been touring Empire Of The Sun around the world (with Adelaide’s Tony Mitolo on drums and Sidwho? on bass) while Littlemore has been concentrating on other projects such as Pnau and Cirque Du Soleil’s Zarkana musical.