What To Expect When You’re Expecting (To Go To Meredith)


Meredith. Once a name reserved for older women and people who look like witches (apologies to anyone named Meredith), it has now come to represent the most wonderful time of the year. The one remaining weekend when EVERYONE takes time off work. The one remaining festival we all do together. The one remaining festival that allows you to festival how you like to festival. This week, all you need to do is nod to your friend and say ‘Meredith?’, and you will receive a knowing smile or a begrudging tear in return.

And it’s this weekend. Hells Yeah.

In preparation, the crew here at LnL have done exhaustive statistical research into what you can expect from this year’s Meredith Music Festival. And we present these to you in shoddily arranged graph form, with sub headings and written explanations.


There is no greater contrast in life than the week before and the week after Meredith. This week, it’s all planning and excitement. Next week, it’s shattered souls and comfort food. This is the gauntlet which must be run, an extended mourning period only made bearable by the astronomical highs of the weekend and the chance for reflection and story swapping. So, this week, do your Dan Murphy’s run, try and purchase petrol and ice in advance, double check your tent and sleeping bag, and pack smart clothing. Remember, when you are doing these things you are practically already at Meredith.



It’s festival time. Woo. You’ve convoyed in, surviving a few hairy moments when you thought you’d lost some souls back in Geelong, and the tents are up and your (cans) of beer are cracked. Here’s what’s happening on night one:

Pond and Tame Impala are both playing. Headband wearing dudes with long hair everywhere rejoice. It’s hard to split who will be more memorable. Pond’s live show is, by all reports, brilliant, and Tame Impala are, well, Tame Impala. Fresh off a J Award and NME’s Album of the Year, we are giving it to them, based on their midnight slot and greater familiarity. However, don’t discount Pond. As the first band on, they have it all before them.

Snakadaktal were Unearthed by the J’s while still in school. They are young. They like glitter. And they make some seriously good music. Potential is often a dirty word, but at 5pm on Friday you will see it in full flight.

Grimes is kind of loopy, which is one of the reasons we love her. On the back of one of the standout albums of 2012, it’s a fine chance to get some awkward, jangly dancing underway. Watch for me losing my shit during Genesis.

One moment of personal indulgence- I CAN NOT WAIT FOR FOUR TET. 2:30am, the last Friday act before Silence Wedge, it’s just going to blow people’s minds. Hopefully in a good way. But post-2am at Meredith is an interesting time…

Other Friday highlights: Spiritualized will be a treat, the Sunnyboys will be the Sunnyboys, and Omar Souleyman will just be the best funnest wonderfulest party ever.



Saturday morning will be either the best or the worst. For your sake, I hope it’s the best, but even if it’s the worst, wander down to the bar and grab a Bloody Mary. And then harden up.

No time for pissing about on Saturday, it’s straight into it nice and early. Chances are you will awake to the sounds of festival stalwarts the City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band. If you’re already up, go down and show them some love. If not, get your shit together because it’s wall to wall awesome all day.

Twerps are on early. 11am. But go see Twerps. Set yourself the challenge of being the first guy to go down the front.

Midday, bearded Melbourne wonder Chet Faker hits the stage. His is a special blend of soul, r’n’b, hip hop and sex, amongst other stuff. And if that doesn’t sound appealing, he has great facial hair. And if none of that sounds appealing, you are clearly at the wrong festival.

From sex to Shogun, at 1pm it’s Royal Headache time. A band recently described as being ‘one of the top two or three bands in the country’ (by me), this is unmissable.  Get down and have a look while you can, because, despite the endless possibilities for this band, you always feel they are a heartbeat from breaking up and leaving it all behind. That’s one of the beautiful things about Royal Headache, you can never be quite sure what you are going to get.

Meredith has a proud history of show-stealing hip hop highlights. This year promises to be no exception, with Rahzel and DJ JS-1 hitting the Amphitheatre at 4:15. If you know Rahzel you are already stupidly excited. If you don’t know Rahzel, you are in for a treat.

A favourite of festivals everywhere, Regurgitator are approaching Oz Music Legends status. Look for snazzy dressing, groundbreaking dance moves, and hit after hit after hit.

If all this has failed to get you up and about, then Turbonegro will surely get the job done. I have these guys as main rivals to the ‘Gurge for best on ground this Meredith.

Festival headliners Primal Scream will be special, there is no doubt about that. Get in position early, because the Amphitheatre will be chockers come 10:50 Saturday night.


Meredith Sunday is a pretty tough day. But, if you play it right, you can pack a whole heap in before you begin to long trudge home.

Heaps of good bands are on, like Boomgates and The Murlocs. Definitely worth sticking around for. But the undoubted star of Sunday is the traditional running of the Meredith Gift. This year The Gift has grown, and will now consist of a full lap AROUND the Amphitheatre. Which is great for all those who generally struggle to see a sufficient amount of genitalia. If you haven’t seen enough in the preceding days.

Also, watch out for Meredith Royalty Sir Angus Sampson doing his tradition ‘something’. He has set himself a task following his ‘National Anthem of The Moon’ moment during the last Lunar Eclipse, so expect something special.

And that’ll be Meredith in its 2012 incarnation.

Remember the usuals, bring clothes for all seasons, don’t take glass or anything that might explode, and of course no dickheads.

Don’t forget your ticket. We will see you there.

Of course, go to http://2012.mmf.com.au/  for all the details.

Also, go to http://www.thanksaunty.com.au/ to leave your own special message for Aunty M.