Baker Boy Marryuna tour Wollongong UniBar with Dallas Woods, Kian and Dj Mixxa Gig Review

Baker Boy Marryuna Tour 2018
with Dallas Woods, Kian and Dj Mixxa
Wollongong Uni bar

The crowd is filling up as Dj Mixxa warms up the crowd with some epic tunes, some old school Hip hop and RnB get the crowd going.Baker boy image 1

Kian who features on Baker boy’s Cloud9 starts the show with childism, the crowd gets into it straight away as he gets them to move closer to the stage and asks who is ready for a good night to big cheers from the crowd, telephoned is second, a very smooth flowing rhyme over a good beat, He may be a bit softly spoken but Kian is a crowd pleaser and a star of the future and can clearly hold his own on the stage.

Dallas woods hits the stage and jumps straight into his first track No vacancy, the crowd are instantly into Dallas as his stage presence is something else, his flow is flawless and the beats are big.
Dallas brings energy and charisma to the stage with some amazing rhymes, Acapella is a crowd fav as the crowd moves in closer and Woods gets the floor jumping.
Dallas then adds a fresh freestyle verse in and wows the crowd with his lyrical skills, Raw papers is set to a heavy bass beat, once again Dallas just flows like he’s been on the stage for years and years, Woods then asks the crowd if they want to hear his new single 9 x outta 10 which he is about to drop? The crowd goes crazy, He says this song is about some injustice he has seen in his hometown in the East Kimberley, This track is not to be missed, it’s straight from the heart and won’t disappoint!!

Woods Last track for the night is a reggae/hip hop mega tune, the stage presence is amazing, Dallas rhymes and gets the crowd going like a seasoned pro, don’t miss Dallas Woods first single set to drop this week (mid June)

Dallas Woods is destined for great things, East Kimberley has produced a star!!!!

Baker boy takes to the stage at 10.20 pm to massive cheers from the Wollongong Crowd, Dj Mixxa and Drummer Benny Clarke get the scene set with Baker Boy Doing an EPIC freestyle dance to start the show followed by an acknowledgement of country,
He is then Joined on stage by his crew Kian and Dallas Woods to perform their track black magic and then busts out his remix of treaty, which is something to be seen, this remix needs to be played all around our country.

Baker Boy has this place absoloutley jumping already as he says this is my boy Kian, he has been down with me since day one and we have a song for you, They jump Straight into cloud 9 with the energy level of the room going insane. Baker boy loves to move and he gets into a robot dance with his two dancers who are next level, the boys then Jump into a new track sweat limits which is sure to be a hit followed by run around town which is another great new tune which the crowd are right into.

As Baker Boy chats to the crowd he says I’d like to do a dance for you which I performed at the G20 summit in 2014, he dedicates the dance to Dr M Yunipingu and Dr G Yunipingu, This dance is amazing and you can see the emotion in Baker Boys face as he is performing.

He then asks the crowd who wants to hear the new single??? The noise level is hectic as Dj Mixxa and Benny bang into Mr La Di Da Di, The crowd is jumping and throwing their hands in the air showing so much love and respect for Baker Boys latest release, as the track finishes you can’t help but smile at baker Boys big cheeky grin as he says “oh wow thanks” as Dj Mixxa starts the intro for Marryuna the crowd goes next level crazy as do the Guys on the stage as the energy and electricity from the stage flows through to the punters in the crowd sweating it out and just throwing the love back to the stage, Marryuna doesn’t disappoint live on stage and leaves the crowd wanting more, although their is no more tunes for the night Baker boy shows the love to his fans by staying at the merch stand for a good hour signing autographs and taking photos which you could see the crowd were stoked with.

This show was amazing and felt like a big family was on stage, the band got the crowd going from start to finish and I can’t recommend seeing the live show enough. 11/10 rating for the show