The Peep Tempel Release Second Album ‘Tales’

The Peep Tempel

No better time than now to celebrate dumb Australia. Morally disassociated, reality TV style politics. $7 chips at the footy. The great Australian dream, a 35 year mortgage on a home that will be in the advanced stages of dilapidation in just 25. We could go on, but fuck it. Peep Tempel’s Tales is modern Oz and a collection of its inhabitants, brought to life with lowbrow sarcasm, loud guitars and generous sprinkle of cheese.

The Peep Tempel will release their second album Tales this October through their imprint Wing Sing Records on October 3. Written upstairs above a bar in windy West Melbourne, the three piece have explored some new territory on their second effort. The band’s humour is still intact, though possibly darker.

The album spits and snarls with distinctly Australian panache, but urges you to dance and drown yourself in its grotty, boisterous rock’n’roll.

“We wanted the record to have an element of ick”, the band explain, “To make you smile, but not without leaving a film across your teeth. It’s misogynistic, voyeuristic, racist, bigoted, over financed, drunk in Bali, pissing in it’s own mouth, boat stopping mayhem!”

The Peel Tempel formed as a two-piece in 2009. They recorded and release two 7” singles before praise for their live shows started piling up. Adjectives “raw”, “frenetic” and “unyielding” have been piffed at the band, fuelling continued laps of the country.

The Peep Tempel recorded their first album as a three-piece in 2011 and the debut snuck up on an unsuspecting public. “Disco punk, dance punk, punk, rock n roll, garage…whatever you wanna call it, this rules” Triple J’s Zan Rowe declared, while The Australian was similarly impressed; “Very near to rock and roll perfection”.

Thursday 25 September
Frankie’s Pizza – Sydney

Friday 3 October
The Tote – Melbourne

Friday 10 October
The Bridge Hotel – Casltemaine

Saturday 11 October
The Eastern – Ballarat

Friday 17 October
The Spotted Cow – Toowoomba

Saturday 18th October
The Bearded Lady – Brisbane

Friday 24th October
The Lansdowne Hotel – Sydney
Friday 31 October
The Reverence Hotel – Melbourne
Details and tickets available from

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