LUCIANBLOMKAMP Releases Debut Album


Super stoked to announce that ‘Post-Nature‘, the debut record from Melbourne producerLUCIANBLOMKAMP is out today!

The album was previewed earlier this week via THUMP who said, “There’s a beautiful sadness that runs throughout the record; a complex array of electronic and acoustic sounds that trigger an equally complex range of emotions. The title Post-Nature itself hints at our technologically detached lives and a strange new stage in our human evolution. What have we gained, and what have we lost? Lucian is a skilled musician and producer, but he’s not afraid to play with your heart and your mind either.”

Lucian explains – “Post-Nature is an examination of how we experience and interpret our lives in the modern era. As mankind progresses, we become more and more detached from the ideas and concepts that make us human. We feel immortal, and base our lives around hyper-rationality. Our lives are Post-Natural. These ideas also translate into how we listen to and how we create music. This is what inspired the creation and direction of the album. These concepts are not necessarily positive or negative, instead the album tries to look at these ideas objectively”.

Listen to the album here:

LUCIANBLOMKAMP creates music with a style that’s completely his own. Taking reference from a number of genres, he’s developed into a master of implementing samples, live instrumentation and vocals into his soundscapes. His musicianship has taken root over a number of years, with the classically trained artist being drawn to electronics because of the endless possibilities the medium provided.

LUCIANBLOMKAMP will launch Post-Nature in Melbourne on Friday 29th August at Boney with support from Planète, Emerse and I’lls DJs. He’ll also be showcasing at Bigsound on Wednesday 10th September at Brightside.

Watch the official video for first single ‘Help Me Out’ below.

‘Post-Nature’ is available now via Yes Please / Remote Control.