LnL chat to South Coast NSW Prog Rockers Elia Fell

Loudnlocal talk to NSW SOUTH COAST alternative rock band Elia Fell…
Firstly congrats on the Ep lads, it’s an amazing sound and we are digging it here at loudnlocal
How is the feeling in the band after releasing it?
We are all so excited to finally release something that we are proud of. Foremost, the feeling is one of anticipation, of how the songs will be received.

How long was the writing/recording process and how did you manage to get Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and Butterfly Effect) to produce this amazing EP?
We had the songs in demo form for a couple of years, but just hadn’t found the right time/opportunity to take them to the next level. After we approached Forrester and he showed some interest in recording them, then that was when we knew it was the right time. The recording process lasted two weeks – three days tracking the drums in Sydney, and the rest of the time recording guitars, bass and vox in our studio in Bomaderry.

Did Forrester have any influence on the sound you lads have dropped on this EP?
Definitely, he really liked the sounds we got on our demos and used them as a platform to work from. He had a big influence on the subtle nuances, which really helped take the songs to another level. He is a really hard worker and it shows in the record.

You are a 3 piece, but with a guest drummer? Neil sings with Ben on guitar and Daniel on bass…. And Luke from Dead Letter Circus on drums on the EP. That’s a bloody good drummer to have on the EP, how did that come about?
On the demos we had some really basic drum tracks that Neil had come up with, just to get a feel for the songs, it was then Forrester suggested getting in a killer session drummer to see what they could add to the songs. Forrester hooked us up with Luke, which we were obviously stoked about. His drumming style was a great addition to our overall sound. It was a pleasure to work with such as nice and talented musician.

Doing some research, I see Neil used to play drums? What made him change to being the front man?
(Neil) It was just what I was in to at the time, and over the years I just dabbled in other instruments and found that I liked guitar and singing mostly. I still have a soft spot for the drums but can’t focus enough time and energy into it.

Will Luke play live shows with Elia Fell?
I think we were pretty lucky even snagging Luke to lay down the drum tracks so I think we’d be pushing our luck haha. I think he is pretty busy with Dead Letter Circus, but we would love him to if the opportunity ever arose. So at the moment we are just putting the feelers out for potential local drummers.

So when can we expect to see Elia Fell touring?
We hope to be on the road within the next 6 months. We will be bringing some new tunes with us, which may make our debut album.

Can we expect a film clip for any of the tracks soon? If so will it be Control, the lead track from the EP?
It is a definite possibility. As for which song, that is still to be decided.

Where did the name Elia Fell come from?
We were originally called Elia, which didn’t come from anywhere. But, when we tried to register Elia as a company, the name was already taken. So we decided to add another word, and that word happened to be fell. There is no rhyme nor reason behind the name, we just think it sounds cool.

What’s the music scene like in your home town of Bomaderry, NSW?
It is virtually non-existent these days. There are a few touring bands that stop on by, but there is no regular live band scene. Back in the day, there seemed to be more happening. Maybe that’s just because we are older and wiser now.

Thanx for the chat lads and we are keen as to see Elia Fell in the near future playing some live shows, to check out there amazing sound head to https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/elia-fell or head to itunes and buy there self-titled EP and follow the lads at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elia-Fell/646886102107642 or https://twitter.com/eliafell …….. You won’t be disappointed.